About Bullying

Research Findings
Research Findings
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Resource Title BySTANDer Revolution - Take the Power Out of Bullying

Bystander Revolution differs from many other anti-bullying organizations in that it offers solutions for bystanders and allies, in addition to the targets of bullying. Hundreds of unscripted videos featuring students, celebrities, and leaders sharing their advice and personal bullying experiences are included on the website.  The power of small actions grounded in empathy is a theme throughout the vidoes. Take the POWER out of bullying.  Kevin Spacey, Elizabeth Banks, Demi Lovato, and many other celebrities share their stories and support to end bullying.

Topic Professional Development
About Bullying
Target Audience Administrators
Teachers/School Staff
Parents and Community
Grade Level 3-5
Special Population Special Education
Cultural Diversity
Format External Website