About Bullying

Research Findings
Research Findings
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Resource Title Bullying Explains Only Part of LGBTQ-Heterosexual Risk Disparities: Implications for Policy and Practice

Students who identify as LGBTQ experience higher rates of victimization by bullying than do their heterosexual-identified peers. The article investigates the extent to which this difference in rates of victimization can explain LGBTQ youths’ greater rates of suicidal ideation, suicide attempts and unexcused absences from school. Findings suggest that policies only addressing the reduction of bullying may not be effective in bringing LGBTQ youth to the level of their heterosexual peers in terms of psychological/educational outcomes.

Topic Evaluation and Assessment
About Bullying
Target Audience Administrators
Teachers/School Staff
Parents and Community
Grade Level 6-8
Special Population LGBTQ
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